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Scottish Kilt Cat

The Scottish Kilt Cat is a Scottish Fold Munchkin Mixed with the Munchkin Gene

Scottish Kilt Cat

This is a Scottish Fold

Scottish Kilt Cat

The Scottish kilt Cat is a Scottish Fold mixed with the Munchkin Gene. It is also referred to as the Scottish Fold Munchkin by some people.

Scottish Kilt Appearance


Face Structure

A Scottish Kilt Cat has a rounded head and face. Generally, the eyes are large and round. The nose will be short with a gentle curve. The head is domed at the top, and the neck very short. The broadly-spaced eyes give the Scottish Fold a "sweet expression".


Scottish Kilt Cat Ears: The ears have about a 50% chance of being folded or a 50% chance of being straight and will begin to appear folded around 21 days after birth.



The Scottish Kilt cat can be either long or short-haired, and they may have nearly any coat color or combination of colors.


Body Structure

The Scottish Kilt or Scottish Fold Munchkin is a medium-sized cat. The Scottish Kilt cat's entire body structure is generally rounded.  The cat's body is well-rounded with a padded look and medium-to-short legs.

Scottish Kilt Cat
Scottish Kilt Cat

Specific Health Recommendations


Scottish Kilts are susceptible to polycystic kidney disease (PKD) and cardiomyopathy. Besides this, these cats are very healthy.


Visit our health page for more general Munchkin information.


Scottish Kilts love being with their people and joining in whatever they are doing. They love attention. The last thing a Kilt wants is to be left alone for hours on end, so if you are often gone during the day, make sure to have another friendly cat around to play with. When you get home make sure to spend plenty of time with these little guys and give them plenty of lap time.

Scottish Kilt Cat
Buying a Munchkin Cat

Finding a Scottish Kilt Cat

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Interested in Buying a Scottish Kilt?

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Buying a Munchkin Cat
Munchkin Cat Breeds

Munchkin Cat Breeds


New breeds are being introduced regularly as the munchkin breed becomes more popular and well known. Any type of cat can be bred with another cat that possesses the munchkin gene. Tiny Purr has put together a great resource for you to be able to distinguish exactly which type of munchkin cat you are looking for or are trying to identify. Check out our breed searchable map. If you know of any new breeds that exist please email us with any information you have.


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