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Napoleon Cat & Minuet Cat

Persian or Himalayan Mixed with Munchkin Cat

Napoleon Cat

Napoleon Cat & Minuet Cat

The Napoleon cat and Minuet Cat are a Persian or Himalayan Cat mixed with the Munchkin Gene. These Dwarf Cats resemble the Munchkin Cat with their short legs and similar breeding process. 

Napoleon Cat / Minuet Cat Looks



Napoleons and Minuets come in both long-haired and short-haired varieties. The coat color can be of any type, which is not defined by the standard; herewith eye color always matches the coat color.


Body Structure

Adult cats can weigh less than 5 pounds and females less than 3. They often have long necks that make them look incredibly long in relation to their short munchkin legs.


Face Structure

The Napoleon Cat appears round from every angle starting with a round head, a round forehead that flows into a round face and chin.  The eyes are big, round, and set wide apart. The nose has a slight lip at the end referred to as a ski jump.  

Napoleon Cat
Napoleon Cat

Specific Health Recommendations


The Napoleon Cat or Minuet Cat have very few health issues. Because of the incorporation of the Persian cat blood, PKD negative tested Napoleon and Minuet breeding cats should be used. Napoleon cats are to be bred specifically away from common Persian cat issues such as Epiphora (excessive eye tearing), Stenosis (blockage) of Nasolacrimal Ducts, flat facial features, and matting prone coats.


Visit our health page for more general Munchkin information.



Napoleons are very friendly and tender creatures. If you are busy, your pet will not bother you. The intuition of Napoleons is simply fantastic – at right time it feels that you need its warmth and affection. In such a case this cat comes and with your permission climbs onto your lap. This breed is fully deprived of aggression, thus don’t be afraid to introduce your pet to young children – you will be surprised with its tenderness towards a child. Moreover, Napoleons remain devoted to their master till the end of their life.

Napoleon Cat
Buying a Munchkin Cat

Finding a Napoleon / Minuet

TinyPurr brings you one of the best resources on the internet for finding any breed of Munchkin Cat with our optimized map that specifically helps you find any short legged cat breed.


Interested in Buying a Napoleon or Minuet?

Read through our recommendations for buying a Munchkin Cat. All short legged cat breeds should follow the same guidelines. We also tell you the absolute must ask questions when buying from any breeder.


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Buying a Munchkin Cat
Munchkin Cat Breeds

Munchkin Cat Breeds


New breeds are being introduced regularly as the munchkin breed becomes more popular and well known. Any type of cat can be bred with another cat that possesses the munchkin gene. Tiny Purr has put together a great resource for you to be able to distinguish exactly which type of munchkin cat you are looking for or are trying to identify. Check out our breed searchable map. If you know of any new breeds that exist please email us with any information you have.


Munchkin Cats by State

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