Kinkalow Cat

Kinkalow Cat is an American Curl Mixed with the Munchkin Gene

Kinkalow Cat

Kinkalow Cat 

A Kinkalow is an American Curl with the Munchkin Gene. These Dwarf Cats resemble the Munchkin Cat with their short legs and similar breeding process. 


Kinkalow Hair Length

Kinkalow coats may vary from snow-white to chocolate-brown, being shiny and plush. This is probably the case when intelligence and beauty provides a successful blend making their keeper incomparable. 


Body Structure

Nature endowed them with a tiger shaped head, strong-built, fine body, and a long and elegant tail. They also inherited short legs and slightly curled ears from their ancestors. The weight of an adult cat is around 3 kilograms. 


Face Structure

Most notably distinguished by their "kinked" ears, Kinkalow kittens are born with straight ears, which begin to curl within eighty-two days.

Kinkalow Kitten

Specific Health Issues

The Kinkalow is generally a healthy breed. These cats' ears however require frequent cleaning to prevent infections, and needs gentle handling to prevent damage. 


Visit our health page for more general Munchkin cat health information


Kinkalow Personality


Kinkajous have a lively, friendly and very curious temperament. If they are captivated by some object, you can be sure – they will finally get it! Kinkalows are sociable and curious – and easily bond with young children and other pets. They are a very charming and fluffy friend.

Buying a Munchkin Cat

Finding a Kinkalow Cat

TinyPurr brings you one of the best resources on the internet for finding any breed of Munchkin Cat with our optimized map that specifically helps you find any short legged cat breed.


Interested in Buying a Kinkalow?

Read through our recommendations for buying a Munchkin Cat. All short legged cat breeds should follow the same guidelines. We also tell you the absolute must ask questions when buying from any breeder.


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Buying a Munchkin Cat
Munchkin Cat Breeds

Munchkin Cat Breeds


New breeds are being introduced regularly as the munchkin breed becomes more popular and well known. Any type of cat can be bred with another cat that possesses the munchkin gene. Tiny Purr has put together a great resource for you to be able to distinguish exactly which type of munchkin cat you are looking for or are trying to identify. Check out our breed searchable map. If you know of any new breeds that exist please email us with any information you have.


Munchkin Cats by State

Alabama, AL

Alaska, AK

Arizona, AZ

Arkansas, AR

California, CA

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