The Genetta is a Genet cat mixed with a Munchkin Cat


Genetta Breed Combination

A Genetta is a Savannah or Bengal cat mixed with the Munchkin Gene. These Dwarf Cats resemble the Munchkin Cat with their short legs and similar breeding process. 

Genetta Hair

Exotic spotted or marbled coat with short hair. The Genetta Cat can be black, brown, silver, or snow spotted. Marbled patterns in black, brown, silver, chocolate, cinnamon, or snow colors are also permissible.  

Shedding: Genetta cats do shed but very minimally. Genettas with a higher percentage of bengal lineage should shed the least and have a very tight, slick, pelt-like coat.


Body Structure

Genetta's have a very "athletic build" since they are bred to look like a Genet. Standard Genetta's should be between 4-8" tall at the shoulder


Face Structure

The eyes of a Genetta cat are relatively large and are usually bright blue or green.


Specific Health Issues of Genetta


Bengal Lineage: 

A novel autosomal recessive disorder has been found in Bengals, which can create an early-onset primary photoreceptor disorder, leading to blindness within the first year of age, in cats that possess the anomaly. The prevalence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is low at approximately 16%.


Savannah Lineage: 

Some breeders state Savannah cats have no known special care or food requirements, while others recommend a very high quality diet with no grains or byproducts. Some recommend a partial or complete raw feeding/raw food diet with at least 32% protein and no byproducts. Some recommend calcium and other supplements, especially for growing cats and earlier generations. Others consider it unnecessary, or even harmful. Most Savannah breeders agree that Savannahs have a need for more taurine than the average domestic cat, and therefore recommend taurine supplements, which can be added to any food type. The prevalence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is low at approximately 16%.


Visit our health page for more general Munchkin information.

Genetta Personality


The Genetta is an affectionate, high energy, and playful short legged cat. Many of them love to play fetch and play with other animals like house cats and dogs.

Buying a Munchkin Cat

Finding a Genetta Cat

TinyPurr brings you one of the best resources on the internet for finding any breed of Munchkin Cat with our optimized map that specifically helps you find any short legged cat breed.


Interested in Buying a Genetta?

Read through our recommendations for buying a Munchkin Cat. All short legged cat breeds should follow the same guidelines. We also tell you the absolute must ask questions when buying from any breeder.


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Buying a Munchkin Cat
Munchkin Cat Breeds

Munchkin Cat Breeds


New breeds are being introduced regularly as the munchkin breed becomes more popular and well known. Any type of cat can be bred with another cat that possesses the munchkin gene. Tiny Purr has put together a great resource for you to be able to distinguish exactly which type of munchkin cat you are looking for or are trying to identify. Check out our breed searchable map. If you know of any new breeds that exist please email us with any information you have.


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