Buying a Munchkin Cat

Buying a Munchkin Cat

Buying a Munchkin Cat

Overview - Buying a Munchkin Cat

So you have learned all about Munchkin Cats and now you are interested in buying a Munchkin cat! Where do you Start? Munchkin cats are a new breed of cat when compared to the many other breeds. The Breed has only been around for about 30 years, meaning there are fewer breeders who have had experience breeding Munchkins. With the recent popularity of the Munchkin breed it can be difficult to get a hold of one of these short legged kittens. Luckily, we at, have been through the process and are here to outline it for you and make connecting you and Munchkin as easy as possible!

Buying a Munchkin Cat


I know by now you have already read through our site and know everything you would ever need to know about the munchkin breed. However, as you have seen on our Other Dwarf Breeds page, Munchkins have been bred with many other cats to create new breeds. We recommend that you also research each breed to learn the traits and characteristics of that breed to make sure those traits also align with what you are looking for.


It is important to address what you can expect to spend when buying a Munchkin cat from a breeder. Munchkins are a new and fairly rare breed. There are also many different types of cats that breeders cross breed with Munchkins, meaning there is a wide range of prices that breeders will sell their Munchkin kittens for. From some of our favorite breeding sites we have seen the price of kittens ranging from $500 -$2500. Many of these breeders will also require a deposit or hold which can add a few hundred dollars.

Finding A Breeder

There are many Munchkin breeders located throughout the world. This breed of Cat has become widely popular since its founding in 1983, Munchkin and Dwarf Cat breeders are popping up left and right. So how do you find the nearest one to you? We at have worked hard to make this process as easy as possible for you aspiring Munchkin owners. Visit our Find a Munchkin page for an interactive map that will allow you to see all the Munchkin and Dwarf Cat breeders in the United States. Don’t worry if there isn't a breeder near you (I got my Munchkin, Luna, from out of state), I will go over that process later in this post. We hope this allows you to find a breeder near you and bring you one step closer to bringing home your new furry friend.

Buying a Munchkin Cat In State Vs. Out of State

As I mentioned before finding a munchkin breeder near you may not always be an option. If you can find a breeder I strongly suggest that you go and visit the them and their kittens when you begin to start looking for a Munchkin. Not only is this a fun thing to do since you get to interact with the kittens first hand, but it will also allow you to talk face to face with the breeder. You will be able to get a good idea right away about the breeder and their kittens and make sure that they are the right breeder for you.


On the other hand, if you cannot find a breeder near you, buying a munchkin cat from another state is always an option. That is what I had to do to get my munchkin and 4 years later I could not be more pleased with how the interaction went and how awesome Luna turned out to be.


 I must warn you though, that you will want to take extra precautions when dealing with any breeder that you cannot meet face to face with. Make sure that all your questions are thoroughly answered, be wary of sending any money to someone over the internet, ensure that you and the breeder have a clear understanding of the transaction, etc. We will go over all the types of questions you will want to ask to both in state and out of state breeders in the Questions to Ask page. This will allow you to make sure you have all the information that you will need to help gauge the quality of breeder that you are working with.

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