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Munchkin owner, cat dance choreographer

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Luna Cat

Gravity expert, spider cat


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Munchkin costume designer, pro cat rights

Our Mission at TinyPurr

We at Tiny Purr strive to provide you with all the information that you need to obtain your very own short legged friend. Tiny Purr provides you with the most current and up to date information on the Munchkin cat breed and helps to connect you with Munchkin breeders across the globe.

Why TinyPurr.com?


Back in 2013 Zach and I were living together at the University of Washington when we stumbled on a funny picture of a cat with short legs. We had no idea that cats like this existed and spent a while trying to research the munchkin breed. However, it was incredibly difficult for us to find information on the breed and where to get a munchkin cat from. We spent month trying to find one and after countless hours of research, mile long email trains with different breeders, and relatively little luck, we finally found a breeder in Louisiana who had a litter of munchkin cats available. A few weeks later we had Luna, the funniest little cat arguably in the world.


Three years later a friend asked me how I was able to find and purchase Luna. I explained our struggle with information and finding breeders and that it was a lot of work to find Luna. Zach and I then had the idea to create an awesome resource for connecting people with these tiny legged cats, and thus tinypurr.com was born. We are working hard to ensure that many other people are able to experience the love and lasting relationship that comes with owning a munchkin!

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